How to Start Your Own Fundraising Community Using WordPress

Ever dreamed of helping other people achieve their dreams by building your own fundraising website? I’m talking about an online community that provides an alternative to fundraising sites like, and which rivals or even tops them in quality.

Well I’ve got good news. You don’t have to hop on to raise the money for making this happen. Thanks to your friends in the WordPress community, you can now build your own fundraising website for next to nothing, and with no programming experience.

It’s called the WordPress Fundraising plugin. If you’ve got five minutes, I’ll show you how this nifty tool can get your fundraising website up and humming by this time tomorrow…

It Takes Money Connection to Make Money

I’m sure you’ve heard this one before:

“It takes money to make money.”

That’s one of the most frustrating realities for visionaries and entrepreneurs.

Not only do you need money to make money, you need money to launch just about any meaningful project. As you’re reading this, millions of people around the world are wishing they could start a business, record an album, self-publish a book, go into missions work overseas or go back to college.

You probably have some of these people on your Facebook friends list or following you on Twitter. You probably also know some people who would be willing to make donations to help these people get started. All they need to do is find one another, and have a trusted place to make the donations happen.

That’s where you come in.

Here are the five features which I believe make the Fundraising Plugin the perfect solution for building your own fundraising community…

#1: WP Dev Fundraising Helps You Cut Out the Middleman

As you know, one of the primary problems with fundraisers is you don’t always know where your money is going. But the  fundraising plugin integrates directly with Paypal, so anyone who can set up a Paypal account can become a donor or launch their own fundraising project.

This eliminates the middle man and creates a culture of transparency by sending all of the money (except for Paypal’s small cut) into the pocket of the person who is raising the funds.

The fundraising plugin also sends a receipt to the person who is making the donation do they can see exactly where their money is going.

#2:  Fundraising Makes it Easy for Your Members to Create and Promote a Campaign

If your members can create a WordPress post, they can easily set up their own campaign on YOUR fundraising site. Just to give you an idea of how easy this is, check out this new campaign for finding a home for Fluffy:

Once the campaign post is up, your members can use another free WordPress plugin called 1-clck Retweet/Share/Like to share their campaign via Twitter, Google + and Facebook within just a few moments of creating it.

Want to add more credibility to your fundraising site and make it easier for your members to collect donations? Add the WP Customer Reviews plugin (also free) and let your donors post reviews which will show up directly beneath the campaign.

Just imagine how much easier it will be for your members to persuade their Facebook friends and Twitter followers to support their cause if they have the help of trusted reviews working for them. This is how your fundraising site could become a well-trusted and popular online community.

And that’s not all…

#3:  WP DEV Plugin Lets Your Members Track Their Results

Your new fundraising site will provide members will more than just a place to create and promote their fundraising campaigns. It will also allow them to track their progress and make announcements to potentials donors about how much money they have left to raise.

Your members simply sign up, create their campaign, set a total amount which they want to raise and the Fundraising plugin takes care of tracking donations and updating status reports. The reports can be viewed in pictorial graphs from within the WordPress dashboard.

The Fundraising plugin also allows members to set prizes for certain donation levels, giving free gifts to the people who donate set amounts of money. So your members can create and promote their campaign, add social proof using reviews and provide incentives.

#4: WP DEV Fundraising is 100% Customizable

The WordPress Fundraising plugin is compatible with any WordPress theme, which means you can customize your fundraising website and create your very own memorable brand. And yes, it works with Buddypress and multi-site too.

You can even set it up the Fundraising plugin with a WordPress mobile theme and create a fundraising site which members (and donors can access from their mobile devices). This could be a really big deal for making your fundraising site go viral.

I know a few people who work for non-for-profit organizations, and many of them say that the best time to ask for, and to collect, a donation is when they’re meeting with someone in person.

It’s not enough to just say “go to this website and click the donation button. Most people either forget or change their mind by the time they get around to visiting your website. But if your fundraising site is accessible by mobile device, asking for and receiving donations in person will be super easy.

#5: You Can Get Started Quick, Easy and Cheaply

Excited yet about starting your own crowd sourcing or fundraising site? Here’s all you need to get started:

  • Sign-up for a free account and website at
  • Confirm the activation email
  • Login and then activate the fundraising plugin – done !

Even if you’re not that technically savvy, following these steps will help you set up your fundraising site with less than an hour of work.

Best of all, if you create a buzzing online community where people can raise the money to achieve their dreams, you could literally become famous…all while doing something that’s 100% designed to help other people.

No point in spending a lot of money having a fundraising site built when you can make it happen this quick and this easy.

No point in spending a lot of money having a fundraising site built when you can make it happen this quick and this easy.

Even better Try it Now Free !



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